How to make a Teddy Bear!

how to make a teddy bear

Welcome to the How To Make A Teddy Bear website!

Gauranteed to make you smile! Read all about the Teddy Bears Picnic with links to MP3 on Amazon

The How to Make a Teddy Bear site is for you if you are interested in Bear Making and Bears generally. More than just instruction, hopefully good fun as well! Check out our blog for more information on what we’re about and what we aim to do here. Meanwhile thanks for dropping by and have fun if you stay to look around.

 My First Bear Making Adventure!

Follow me on my journey from total novice to competent beginner at the art of bear making. Watch as i take you step by step through the process of making my first bear!

how to make a teddy bear called george


How to Make a Teddy Bear from a kit on Amazon!

Check out Amazons Teddy Bear kits in my reviews. I will be building these bears and taking you through the whole process right here at HOW To Make A Teddy Bear!

Build a bear with john adams

Use the link below to checkout this kit on Amazon:

John Adams Make a Bear

See me build Rufus my second bear!

teddy bear making rufus

Hi I’m Rufus! Click my pic and see me being made!

How to make a teddy bear

Rufus Tufus at home on the sofa















You too can learn exactly how to make a teddy bear! Please bookmark us and check back regularly here at 

John Adams Make a Bear

John Adams Make a Bear

John Adams Make a Bear




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